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Champion WFP12

Champion WFP12
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Champion WFP12
Maximum Wheelbase               164.00”
A. Rise                                   77.75”
B Length Overall                     216.50"
C Width Overall                      136.25"
D Height Overall                     100.50"
E Inside of Columns                121.00"
F. Between Columns               166.00"
G. Width of Runways                 20.50"
H. Height of Runways                     6.75"
I. Width between Runways    37.50-69.50"
Lifting Capacity                       12,000lb
Motor                                           2 Hp
Voltage-Single Phase               203-230
(Amps Required)                     30
Speed of Rise                         55 (sec)
Min. Recom. Bay Dimensions     14'6"x23'-0"

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